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When we were in 6th grade, we often got questions whose answers were straight and direct. Why is the sea blue, what religion did Jesus originate, why do we get seasons or who is Hitler. As we grow up, we realize that there are many questions where there are no straightforward answers and things must be pondered and understood. The questions become like why we follow religion, what led to the fall of Hitler, and things become quite complex.

Quora is no different. There are some questions, where there can be a direct answer. But, there are also other questions, where a simple answer might be too simple as to be disingenuous/crowd-pleasing.

For some of my answers, I get a comment like "this doesn't answer the  question" even when it does (in my mind). I often ponder on what users want. I could  give a more direct answer to some of these complex questions, but it  will be so dumbed down and might not be a food for thought.

Let me know your thoughts, if all answers need to be straight and to the point.
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