What US Should Learn from India's Healthcare

Balaji Viswanathan
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Here is a great Harvard Business Review post on what US can learn from India's healthcare. Although India is ages behind the US when it comes to most things, when it comes healthcare India is miles ahead.

I hope US lawmakers look around the world to learn solutions to fix their healthcare issue:

India's Secret to Low-Cost Health Care
At a time when health care costs in the United States threaten to bankrupt the federal government, U.S. hospitals would do well to take a leaf or two from the book of Indian doctors and hospitals that are treating problems of the eye, heart, and kidney all the way to maternity care, orthopedics, and cancer for less than 5% to 10% of U.S. costs by using practices commonly associated with mass production and lean production.

health care available in Indian hospitals is cheaper even when you adjust for wages: For example, even if Indian heart hospitals paid their doctors and staff U.S.-level salaries, their costs of open-heart surgery would still be one-fifth of those in the U.S.

Three major practices have allowed these Indian hospitals to cut costs while still improving their quality of care.
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